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"Dr. Pourkesali's signature technique of applying Botox is very unique and the results are amazing!!! The first time I had Botox, I looked like somebody else. My experience with Dr. Pourkesali was totally positive and with the highest level of satisfaction. I actually recommended him to many of my closest friends who also experienced very positive results. I totally recommend Dr. Pourkesali, he is a perfectionist in his cosmetics, he is a true talented artist."

~Carlo S.

"I have had two botox treatments with Dr. Pourkesali and I am so pleased with his work.  he does an amazing job!  The staff are friendly and professional! I would highly recommend Dr. Pourkesali and his office!"


"It is always a pleasurable experience from setting the appointment through the procedure.  The atmosphere is relaxing, the staff is friendly and professional.  Dr. P explains the procedure and administers thoughtfully.  He is a very caring, professional visionary in his field.  I am grateful and very satisfied with the excellent results I always receive.  I feel a boost of confidence after my Botox sessions.  Thank you Dr. P!!"

~Bobby Peri

"Dr P and his team are conscientious and will give honest opinions, fantastic service and fabulous results!  I felt really confident from the first visit, after all, Dr. P specializes in Opthamology/surgery, so you can be certain he absolutely knows facial nerves and muscles! I highly recommend this office...they truly go the extra professional mile to ensure clients are happy."


"I was skeptical about Botox at first. I'm not a big fan of needles. But I have friends and family members who had great success with it. I have prominent lines in my forehead area. Over the years it has gotten worst. I realized it was time to try something else, determine to try Botox. I was very please with the outcome after the treatment. The results were astonishing. I highly recommend Dr. Poukesali cosmetic practice to my friends and family."


"What Dr. P has done is magic. My friends tell me I look 10 years younger. When I pass a mirror I have to do a double take! This has made me feel 20 years younger. Thanks, Doc."

~Jan Carr

"Dr. P did my botox treatment and i had a wonderful experience. He took the time to measure out where the injections would benefit me most. My crows are non existent and that is my problem area. Also he gave me a brow lift which gives me a younger more youthful look in the eye area. Totally i love with my results."


391 Palm Coast Parkway SW Suite 2 - Palm Coast, FL 32137
Phone: 386-246-6289    Email:  [email protected]
Mon-Friday 9.00AM-3.00PM

391 Palm Coast Parkway SW Suite 2 - Palm Coast, FL 32137
Phone: 386-246-6289    Email:  [email protected]
Mon-Friday 9.00AM-3.00PM

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